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A year ago, a group of teenagers approached Vitendo for Africa to restart a mission trip to Kenya. We all have immigrated from Kenya to St. Louis and are remarkably passionate and eager to go back to our home country to help children who are in unfortunate situations. So far we have raised approximately four thousand dollars but we are yet to reach our goal. For the first phase of the mission trip, we donated to two orphanages in Kenya: Wambui Children's Homes and Cura Rotary Homes. We have also attained 25 wheelchairs, 10 hospital beds, 4 boxes of clothes, 10 crutches and walkers, and 3 sewing machines. The second phase of the mission trip we will be traveling to Kenya and volunteering directly at the end of summer 2018.

We would like your continued support so that we can expand our mission to more orphanages and hospitals. In the second phase of the project, all of the $10,000 will be split between different efforts. This year the mission trip is focused on children who are homeless or in underfunded orphanages and hospitals. Our project will vary with each orphanage: one orphanage we might help maintain a garden, another we might provide more school supplies and another might we might work with constructing a new building.

In hospitals we will work with helping replenish supplies or pay off medical bills for those who cannot afford them. Ultimately, our goal is to leave an impact on each place that we volunteer at. We have about three months till we travel so any support will be greatly appreciated. We would encourage you to spread the word to others so that we can also enlist their support by sharing this message.

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